How to Make Money Online

How to Make Money Online?

In a global pandemic, the list of problems seems endless and rapidly growing. To be able to look for a silver lining in between these thick clouds is not a walk in the park either.

However, the novel virus isn’t going anywhere and there is no choice but to adapt ourselves to it. Make our way around it, creating solutions and overcoming the new challenges.

One of the worst hits due to the pandemic was to the economy, affecting businesses on a disastrous scale leaving a large population all over the world jobless and vulnerable.

Though we may not be able to reach everyone in an attempt to redeem and help however we can we’ve put together a list of the top ways to make additional money online from the comfort of your own space. The only thing required is that you have a stable internet connection and an efficient computer system.

How To Make Money Online From Home – Best, Quick and Easy Ways:

How to Make Money Online?

1.   Freelance:

Freelancing is a scope wide enough to fit everyone and anyone regardless of where or who you are, making it easier to be one of the most sought for occupations.

 Fiverr, Freelancer, and Upwork are three of the most used freelancing sites that consist of not only writing and editing but a whole range of work to fit everyone.

They’ve been thorough, especially Fiverr, with their plethora of different options to work on. Freelancing is a great place to make additional money or rather turn it into a full-time job as well.

Following are some of the many types of freelancing:

●   Blogging

Blogging is usually where everyone starts writing from as it comes without any boundaries and there’s no specific rule to follow around it gives you room to learn and gain experience from.

Blogging in freelancing works as writing a blog but for someone else in exchange for money and if you think you own the right skills for it, you should give it a go.

●   Content Writing

If writing is one of your best suits this might come naturally to you, requiring you only to gather research and basic strategies that your client requires.

Content writing is an art that is all about engaging viewers, the heart of marketing this profession has you trying new waters every day.

Not to mention it’s high in demand and will always stay so.

If you’re thinking of taking it as a job even then doing it as a freelance would not only provide you with different experiences but boost your career as a content writer, backing you with a range only you’ll possess.

●   Copy Writing

Prior experience might help in this case as this type of writing is more complex than others.

Copywriting requires a persuasive approach and advertising methods to create written material for creativity and individuality with only the purpose of engaging customers into making a purchase. In return, if you’re good at it pays greatly as well.

●   Coaching

Whether it’s life coaching, travel coaching or video game coaching you’re smooth at, you can easily find people in need of driving and not only guidance but you can also make quick money out of it.

●   Data Entry

Fast, accurate typing and sharp attention to detail call for work like this. If you’re able to multitask effectively and perform repetitive tasks with high accuracy, also own strong verbal and communication skills

If you own these aforementioned skills then this is not only a piece of cake for you but the job is made solely for you.

Earn quick and easy money entering the required data.

●   Editing/Proofreading

If you have good grammar, syntax skills, and an eye for detail then this is the job for you.

Proofreading of a text is a customized check for any errors in grammar, punctuation, and spellings in the said content.

Similarly, editing acts more as the flow and structure enhancer bettering the content for easier readability.

Websites like before mentioned Fiverr and Upwork are some of the most used sites for proofreading and editing jobs.

Pays for proofreaders/editors usually depends on the number of words they can cover per hour but the annual average is considered to be $52,202.

●   Graphics And Design

Adobe and photoshop skills that need practice and a creative streak that is keen on making and bringing illustrations to life.

Knowing how to draw illustrations is a task undefeated, if you succeed in it you should enhance these skills and what better way than freelancing?

Hopping onto various projects and broadening your horizon is exactly what’s needed for creativity to grow and to end it all with a note that you’re earning while you create something you love is a cherry on top.

●   Journalism

Another writing type, what a freelancer journalist does is take off the veil from the news, write up the whole story and give ideas regarding the content to the editor.

If you are someone who is not afraid to debate on controversial topics and demand interviews regarding information from anyone concerned then this is the work fit for you.

●   Marketing

Marketing is a skill not owned by everyone requiring specific qualities that differentiates from the rest of the body.

If you think you have the potential to drive possible customers in and attract their attention long enough for it to end up in them buying the product, you are the one for this job.

●   Online Tutoring

Teach whatever subject you are passionate about online and get paid for it. Use your prior education and experience while keeping in view that you have the required qualifications to put them into private tutoring.

You can also teach online classes via these renowned websites Chegg Tutors,, LearnPick etc. Going with the desired procedure as dictated.

Online tutors on average earn $17 – $100/hr but it all depends on your level of qualification, time spent with the student and the type of tutoring required.

Tutoring is not only subjective to studying academically, it can be any skill that can be taught whether it’s singing, musical instruments or languages to name a few. So see what category fits you best and then apply for it.

●   Programming/Developing Websites

Programming and developing skills are something that is hugely regarded over the internet and rightly so since everything is based upon them.

Programming and developing as freelancing is paid handsomely if not more than full-time jobs in that same category. It is the highest-paid freelancing job right now.

●    Social Media Management/ PR

Handle fan pages or official accounts for businesses and people and get paid for it. All you need is a sustainable wifi connection and skype or zoom to hold the meetings over.

Other administrator jobs such as social coordinator or manager also fall under this category. Remember to polish your skills, build strategies to create a network and image.

●   Sales Funnel

A process that allows you to bring any potential customer one step closer to your offer and a conversion decision through a series of marketing strategies like videos, automated emails, articles, and landing pages that would do the selling.

Plan and create sales funnel for clients and their businesses with marketing methods and get paid for it.

●   Transcription

Convert audios into texts from either different languages required or within the same one. Transcription is based on three types usually; medical, legal or market research.

All of which require learning their basic techniques used in their fields respectively.

However, the content and its consideration are taken by the specific agency you’ll be applying in and so you’ll be given a typing test and then set forth with the jobs.

●   Translation

Translate audios or text from one language to another. Share your lingual tendencies and put them to use or better understanding.

You’ll need to be at least fluent in two languages and you’ll need to have proof to support that as well.

Many sites offer a lot for translations and it is a skill that is always in demand and never runs out of luck. Sites that you can use to apply on; Translators Base and Pro Translator etc.

●   Video/Animations

Edit or create different types of videos or animations on the demand of your client.

Be it a lyric video for a song or an animated projection of a storyline, use your skills to work on your passion and earn the right amount for it as well.

Create professional-quality videos on a freelance basis and edit or market them as requested and get paid for the services that you gave.

You can also create video lessons, how-to videos. Explaining things in short clips.You can apply a subscription basis rule to it where your clients pay a monthly or yearly fee to get continued access to your videos. Or you can sell the videos as a bundle on a disc or USB.

●   Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants are not only an idea but from now on the present and future as well.

From filing emails while lounging on your couch to fixing meeting schedules and planning travel routes, being a virtual assistant covers everything a personal assistant usually does but with the difference of it all being inside the comfort of your home.

Certified sites like Upwork and Zirtual and offer Virtual assistant jobs that pay well.

2. Brand Ambassador/Influencer

Since this is the era of technology, everything is being done over either the internet or the hub that is social media, not to mention fashion and trends are fast to catch up on this ride as well.

If you have a strong following you might be in for a case for being an influencer attracting just the type of audience needed.

Becoming a brand ambassador is a fast way of making money. They’re always in demand as organizations need them for brand advocacy and awareness since nothing beats the word of mouth.

Not to mention they bring in huge revenue to the company as well. The average salary of a brand ambassador ranges from $20,000 – $58,000 annually with an average of $17/hr.

However, every brand differs in the terms of paying wages in between either commissions or per hour.

2. Customer Services

Whether it is for existing customers or prospective ones, customer services hold great significance. It not only builds the ground of trust between the brand and the customer but it also holds enough power to break it. With the twist of working from home, things only get easier.

If you have had previous experience with customer services this might be the perfect job for you and even if you haven’t make sure you qualify some certain aspects before giving it a go. Many sites offer such services with an average hourly pay of $19.29.

4. Create A Blog

Blogging is one of the oldest cards of making money online. As before mentioned people who love to write usually began their careers with blog writing. There are various sites you can use to build the blog.

At first, the start is always spontaneous since barely a few come with any plan in mind, however, keep the keywords precise, topics relevant, and engaging to build a loyal following.

Visual aesthetics play a large role in the attraction of the audience as well so make sure to have a pleasing theme.

Coming right off the bat, you can earn on your blog through Google Adsense and Display Ads, you already know how they work.

You can earn by adding affiliate links in your posts with disclaimers, not to mention you can also sell digital and actual products on your blog.

The products don’t even have to be yours, you can get them through the dropshipping procedure. You can also do sponsorships.

5.   Create A Podcast

All you need is a laptop, a microphone and recording software and you are good to go. Seriously podcasts do not have to be complex.

Push your interests through, talk about matters that concern you, your living and the world. Talk about the things you find wrong and things you beautiful in this world.

Not to mention, there are a handful of ways to make money through podcasts the most common ones are selling your products through advertising, you can also sponsor other companies and websites.

6.   Create Online Courses

Create course work for your choice of subject or the topic you feel dedicated about and help fresh teachers or students.

Websites such as:

Allow you to create and sell online courses you create on the provided platforms.

7.   Do Research Work

As a student one of the very basic things taught to us is research. Whether that is on a general topic of discussion or a specific person, all details vary.

Doing research work as means to earn is nothing different apart from the fact that here you get paid for it. If you enjoy researching and finding answers, working as an analyst from home is just the job you need.

 Ask Wonder, 10EQS, IT-BOSS Research and JustAnswer etc. are some of the many sites that pay for research contribution.

8. E-commerce 

Before all, you need to realise what you’re planning to sell and what the products are going to revolve around. Build a marketing strategy and be clear and focused about it.

Making an e-commerce website in times where every business that’s working is online, not to mention this in the future, is sure to prove it’s a smart and long term move. To build an e-commerce website you can use WordPress or Bluehost.

9. Retail Arbitrage

Retail arbitrage is the act of buying items and products from local stores and then selling them through digital marketing for a profit.

It may not be a long-term strategy but it is a good way of making quick money on the side. Make sure to do due diligence on all products and brands before taking them in and putting them up for sale.

10. Sell Your Stuff/Rent Your Stuff

You can easily sell things like clothes or accessories that you don’t wear and are in a good condition. Not subjective to only those you can also sell anything you own whether an appliance or a decoration piece keeping some views in mind.

Old CDs or books you don’t read anymore notes you created that might be of tremendous help to someone else. You can rent or sell games that you don’t play anymore.

Websites like eBay allow you to set up an account only taking some regulations in view before you can go and sell your stuff.

And if you don’t want to sell it you can rather rent it as well, start services for either your appliances or your car, your parking spot and make easy money out of it. You can also rent out your house for filming purposes

11. Sell Images

Do you have a knack for photography? Or is it that you like storing stunning memories of nature or a particular piece? Art demands attention and artists, the deserved appreciation.

In this age of technology, anyone with a good quality camera considers themselves a photographer and if not, a good editing app can make it rather seem like it.

But an actual photographer knows his angles and how to use them to help with the quality and expressiveness of the photograph. He knows better not to degrade the scenery.

Taking a lot of pictures for nothing, in particular, might seem frivolous and though your choice may be something remarkable websites like Adobe Stock, Alamy, and Getty Images provide you with an opportunity of selling these images, even the questionable ones sometimes.

12. Sell Domains

This works if you are a frequent buyer of domains or now have started thinking of becoming one. Well, since you can’t or won’t be able to use them all, you can always try selling them.

However, selling domains is a very competitive sport, domains with single words tend to sell more and quicker than others. Words with a high search volume tend to sell nicely too.

Trends are taken into account as well, considering some domain names are trending in that span they are likely to get sold out more as compared to the others.

To sell a domain well, you would have to look at what qualifies as the best at first.

You can always go to GoDaddy’s Domain Auction and look for the highest names at that time to understand whether yours would sell well or not and if it does, then at what cost?

You can also buy a custom domain for yourself as well from the Shopify Domain Registration platform.

13. Sell Your Stories

There’s nothing quite like reading a good story. Nothing beats seeing the writer bring the characters to life and portray them in a way so enchanting.

Lucky for you if you like telling stories and feel like they might stand a chance as well because some websites and papers allow you to sell them. Providing you with a platform to enhance your passion and for you to dive right in.

14. Take Surveys

Answering surveys is one of the most effortless ways of earning money. You just need to be there and that is all it takes.

Websites like; Swagbucks, Survey Junkie, OneOpinion, Pinecone Research, and Inbox Dollars, etc. allow you easily to make $250+ a month. Stopping not only there, but they also give out rewards in the form of free products, gift vouchers, etc.

15. Test Websites/Products

A bonus on the side, many sites offer money in exchange for you testing their websites and providing your opinion, any recommendations concerning it or notification of any error that may have occurred.

The same is the case with many companies that pay you to test their products in return for you to give reviews or recommend alterations if needed.

Both of these works barely take a few minutes to get done and require only an honest opinion. The average pay that usual companies and websites pay for taking these tests is $10 per website or product.

Some cases do experience a $5 or more raise in the pay but that usually only happens with experienced testers.

16. Vlogging/Create Youtube Videos

 Whether it’s a travel or a daily routine log if the content is entertaining it’s sure to attract the mass. Millions of people are earning this way, showcasing their lives or aspects of it.

Youtube allows you to create and upload videos over countless distinctive topics and pays you over the number of views under the newly introduced Youtube Partner Program.

Allowing you to take a percentage of the advertising revenue collected per 1,000 views.

Doesn’t matter if it’s cooking you’re good at or fixing holes, show off your skills to people and help them in honing theirs while trying new things by creating videos. Similarly, create short DIYs over something arts and crafts related or teaching new skills

17. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the most famous ways of making money online, is a process of gaining profits by promoting other ads, services, companies, products, or offers on your website or blog online.

Though the type of offers you’ll come across will sometimes depend upon the kind of business you have some companies are willing to pay up to $100 per conversion. Now if that is not easy money I don’t what is.

You can also set up a website or a concerning Facebook page and invite all the people you’re familiar with to join it and post your affiliate offers there.

However, your best bet is to focus on content marketing. By building a blog with several pages of high-quality content, you end up giving yourself an asset that you can call your own.

And by focusing on content marketing if an affiliate program closes, you can easily switch the affiliate link to the competitor without having to worry about wrongly sabotaging your side income.

18. Dropshipping

A quickly surging mode of earning money online is dropshipping. Dropshipping is you selling a customer a product but the supplier store dispatches and ships it to the customer.

To help increase conversions focus on marketing strategies: Ads, Facebook Ads, sponsorships, having influencers or ambassadors promoting our products. We can also send direct messages individually to any potential customer on social media.

19. Sponsored Social Shares

You can also get paid for sponsoring other businesses and companies. They will pay you for advertising their products, it could be done on any social media account for example Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, etc.

20. Google Adsense 

The most common source of income when you first start blogs, all you need to do is sign up in Google for the program and Google will add the ads to your website.

They, in turn, will provide you codes that you can paste into your website and that’s it, they’ll even customize the ads based on the content of your blog and you add it anytime you want.

Doesn’t matter if you’re barely getting a hundred views Adsense will help you earn a few dollars and the best part is it won’t be paid unless your Adsense revenue reaches at least $100.

The moment you get a thousand page views you’ll be topping $100 and as your blog starts getting popular you’ll be topping $100 every other day.

21. Display Ads

Akin to Google Adsense except the viewer doesn’t have to click through for you to make money rather Display Ads are like billboards of your website.

With these ads, you get paid no matter what, based on the number of times your ads are viewed and there’s no doubt these will prove to be better for the website as the traffic starts growing in the future.

22. An Audiobook Narrator

A highly famous form of entertainment is an Audiobook and the unignorable convenience of mobile phones is giving it a dynamic boost. Rendering a huge demand of Audiobook Narrators, so if you ever feel like giving it a shot, I don’t see why you should not.

23. Buying/Selling Websites

Buying a website is in simpler words an investment itself. People sell and buy websites for various reasons. Usually, for one way or another, it’s for easy means of passive income over time.

If you know what to look for, you can find yourself sites that will help you earn $100 – $150 per month without having you even lift a finger. Similarly, you can sell websites for what they worth as well.

24. Print On Demand

Similar to dropshipping, in a way that you don’t need to carry or ship out products to the customers yourself, print on demand works basically through graphic designers monetizing their art by printing them on clothing and other products.

There’s no doubt that with their quirky individual style they would be able to establish a consistent fashion line of their own.

One of the contrasts between dropshipping and this is though that with print on demand you’ll be able to add labels on the packages which are great for brand recognition and awareness.

Secondly, the shipping costs are really expensive for this, making it difficult to create a sustainable business unless you charge higher prices or sell higher quantities.

25. Lastly, Beware Of Scams

You would be smart enough to not commit to any website before checking it or doing research about it. Websites full of scams are waiting patiently for a single wrong move from your side to get you on the spinning web.

Make sure not to send any money to the website before again making sure. Remember survey and research websites don’t take money, so if they ask for account details in that regard it’s likely a scam.


There are countless ways of earning easy money online while sitting inside your home on your couch, these are just an intro. Most of them require skills easily laughable, understandable and there’s nothing one can’t do if they will themselves to it.