How to Make Money Online with Google?

How to Make Money Online with Google

The present world of the internet presents before us many opportunities for earning online. One simple way is to earn money with Google. In this post, I shall briefly guide you about making money online with Google. If you want to make money online with Google, Google AdSense can help you.

First, you need a website for it. Then you connect your website with Google AdSense.  Through AdSense, ads of different companies and types are displayed on your website and you earn revenue when these ads generate profit for that company. Read further for more information on this topic.

Ways to Make Money Online with Google?

Start a website

The first step is to create a website. If you already have a website with good online traffic on it, you should skip to the next step. If you don’t have one, you should keep some things in mind while creating it. Your website should be focused on generating two things i.e. great content and good online traffic. Great content because only it can attract good online traffic which is needed to earn money through AdSense.

The content can be of two types; one which attracts new viewers and the other which brings the visitors back to your website every day. A good balance between these two is the ideal requirement. Sites such as Blog sites, News sites, Niche social networks, Forums & discussion boards, Free online stores can serve you well with the above-mentioned goals.

Different types of ad units

The next step is to connect your website with Google AdSense. AdSense is a free program that allows you to display relevant Google ads on your website’s pages. When viewers click on an ad on your website, you get a share from the ad revenue.

You should use different types of ad units on your site. The reason is different companies will adopt different styles when creating their ads. Their ads may be simple text-based or have images or videos. Therefore; you should also use different types of ad units. When deciding which one to use, be sure to keep in mind the user experience. Modify the final appearance of ads on your website such that maximum visitors find them relevant to click open them.

Utilize AdSense Custom Search Ads option

This option will help your visitors find the specific content they are searching for on your website. If your website has a lot of online traffic and diverse content, you should try adding the AdSense Custom Search option. AdSense displays ads along with your site’s search results.

So, whenever a visitor goes to the custom search bar on your website and searches for something, ads appear along with the search results. This gives AdSense more profit and you more earning through Google AdSense.

You will have to apply to get AdSense Custom Search on your website to use it to earn revenue from your on-site search users.

Make money with YouTube

Google AdSense is not limited to blogging or news websites and free online tools. You can also earn through it with your YouTube channel. What you need is an established YouTube channel. Once you have that, you can turn on monetization in your YouTube channel’s features. Then you will be guided through the process of linking your channel with your Google AdSense account. Having done that, you can select which of your videos you want to be monetized and which ads you want to be shown with them.

Well, that was all. Hopefully, this brief article will help you earn money online with Google AdSense.

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